Monthly Archives: July 2008

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Donn & Dana or Double D’s as we like to call them had a truly amazing wedding! We love these guys…not only cause they are super sweet but because they are so incredibly down-to-earth. Their love is so evident by all the simple things they do — whether it’s Donn wrapping a protective arm around Dana’s shoulders or Dana crinkling her nose at Donn when she looks at him. Stan and I use that as a way to say “i love you” to one another when we don’t feel like saying anything or when we’re across the room from one another. We can only imagine what it means to these two. Okay so once you’re done puking from our very personal confession about us…please check out the slideshow! :) :)

Double D’s — Thanks for being so down to do anything! :) We knew from the day we shot your engagement session that you guys would be nothing but fun to work with. Thanks for choosing us to document your day…we are truly honored.

Oh and it was awesome running into some familiar faces at the wedding!  Nicole and Mel plus one it was great seeing you again!

Venue: San Diego Mission Alcala, Mission Valley Marriot
Coordinator: Jo-Ann Perlez, JAF Events
Linens: Haydee, Concepts Party Rental