Monthly Archives: January 2009

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JIM & CHRISTIAN | Engagement

One of the reasons we absolutely love shooting downtown is because of the endless photo opportunities.  With Jim & Christian, we started off at Petco Park to make sure their dog, Molly, got in a few portraits.  From there we winged it and hit up a fire station and a swanky restaurant to name a few.  Great locations and a sizzling hot couple…what more could we ask for? 

Hey guys!  we had loads of fun with you two! (and Molly, of course) :)  we can’t wait to show you guys the rest of your images!


If anyone is looking to attend this weekends Bridal Bazaar at the Convention Center please let us know.  We have a few free passes that are given to us.  It is first come first serve so please email us.  Worst case scenario, we have $2 off coupons that we can provide.  =)


S & J

ERNESTO & ALLISON | Engagement

We really do have the coolest clients in the world.  After shooting Ernesto & Allison’s session in San Francisco we were surprised with a very generous, very thoughtful gift basket from these two!  We were touched beyond belief!  Not just cause they got us a thank you gift but because they included so many things that they knew we loved just from talking to us during their session.  (Seriously,  you guys are the best!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you again!)

We loved shooting these two and can’t wait till their wedding to shoot them some more! :)  It was so fan-freakin-tastic driving around the city and finding places to shoot.

E & A –  we had a crazy good time with you guys!  you know, from getting bum directions from students, to stepping in poop, to vagrants asking us for $5…it was just one big adventure!!! :)  we can’t wait to show you the rest!  see you soon!

Oh yeah, and these two are HUGE Charger fans…so because we know this would make them so happy….GO CHARGERS!!!  BEAT THOSE STEELERS!!!

And the awesome gift basket!!! YUMMMMMOOOO!!!