Monthly Archives: February 2009

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VIAM & MINH | Engagement

Woooo hooooo!!!! Where do we start?  Well, we photographed these crazy lovebirds at the happiest place on earth…DISNEYLAND!!!  In the park we kept everything PG so Mickey wouldn’t kung fu kick us but things steamed up by the end of the night and we could not be more thrilled with how all their photos turned out.  These two had us cracking up while trying on hats and imitating the kissing under the veil shot.   Yeah, you know the one. :) 

Viam and Minh  -  you guys are the funniest, most down-to-earth, cutest lil’ lovebugs on the face of the earth!  we are so excited for your wedding! 

On a sidenote, Mihn is in law school and has mad acrobatic skills (we’re talking Cirque du Soleil :) ) and Viam is in Vietnam for a medical mission…can these two be any more incredible?

FRANK & ANNA | Engagment

We shot Anna’s brother’s wedding last year and fell in love with their entire family.  Needless to say, we were brimming with excitement to see these two again and shoot them in the very spot where all the magic happened….Helix High.  On top of that, we had them bring their old year books and we had a great time reading their messages to each other and laughing at their old photos!  This also happened to be our first session in the rain.  Okay, okay, so it didn’t actually rain, but it was cold and it had rained earlier in the day and there were puddles everywhere!  That’s good enough for us! :)

Anna & Frank –  we had a GREAT time with you two!  we hope you love your images as much as we do!

Major props to Paul for letting us use his classroom!  He is the guy on the computer! :)

DAN & ALEXIS | Engagement


So…Freddie Prince, Jr. broke up with Sarah Michelle Gellar and is now engaged to Alexis. :)  Just kidding!  But, we do think that Dan has an uncanny resemblance to Freddie Prince.  Now that that is off our chest…we had an amazingly fun and easy time with Dan & Alexis.  They don’t even need us to make them laugh, they just have that crazy magical chemistry!


Big smiles + big dimples + even bigger hearts = Christine & Greg.  These two are the sweetest couple ever!  Their session was taken in and around Del mar downtown.  They use to spend countless hours in this area when they first met and so they decided to bring back some memories by coming back! 

Greg and Christine- It was fun laughing it up during the session and can’t wait to do it again at the wedding!


We have been shooting e-sessions like no one’s business this month! :)  Kory and Amanda were our 2nd session of the month and we could not have been more thrilled with their idea to shoot at the OB Farmer’s Market.  Not only did we find some cool places to shoot but we also scored the BEST hummus ever!  

Hey Guys!  It was so great getting to know you guys during your session.   You know, how you’re both so crazy about Subway and all. :)  ha ha   We can’t wait till your wedding later this year!