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JEFF & SHANNON | Engagement

Didn’t we tell you we were on an engagement session roll?  Well, Jeff & Shannon’s session was especially fun for us.  We shot their entire session at their very cute and super cozy house in Hillcrest!  We love shooting at our clients’ homes cause it’s so much more personal and it really gets our creative juices going!  Plus, they met at their home.  The story is actually very sweet. They started off as neighbors then as Jeff walked to his garage to do laundry, sexy lil’ Shannon caught his eye!  Two rents became one and the rest is history! 

Jeff & Shannon -  thank you for allowing us into your home and letting us shoot anything and anywhere! :)  even your neighbors weren’t safe from us!  we had an INCREDIBLE time with you guys!  see you both soon!




Sandra and Horacio flew in from Texas to shoot their engagement session with us and are having their wedding at the Hyatt Grand Manchester next month!  We met them downtown and just had a blast with these two.  These two complement each other so well and are truly meant for each other.  The great perk about engagement sessions is we get to learn so much about our couples.  For example, we learned Sandra is a hair stylist which would explain why her hair looked so good!  Horacio loves Harley’s and he was going to bring his Harley all the way from Texas but unfortunately it didn’t happen but we will get that for the wedding!  SWEET!!! 

Sandra and Horacio- Can’t wait till the big day!  =)

Out of the Office!

We will be traveling in Mexico from Mar 1-8.  We will be checking email sporadically depending on access to the internet. 

Hasta la vista! 

S &  J