Monthly Archives: January 2010

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BABY CADE | Family

We had the chance to meet and photograph baby Cade, son to our wonderful past clients, John & Nicole.  Poor little guy hated being naked but we were able to snap some super cute photos of him! 

ED & CHERRIE | Engagement

I’ve known Ed since he was a wee lad so it was an amazing experience being able to witness his unbound love to his fiancee, Cherrie.  It was a pretty chilly day at the Cove so we knew there would be lots of unsolicited cuddling but I’m certain that even if it was 100 degrees out, these two would be just as snuggly!

I am seriously smitten by these two…maybe cause I’ve known Ed since he was just a little boy or maybe cause I love the story of how these two have known eachother since childhood since their mothers are college best friends.  Or maybe it’s because Ed’s sister, Sheryl, hit me in the head with a mini golf club when we were kids! :)  AAAAAHHHHH the memories! Needless to say, I am so excited for their wedding later this year! 

Enjoy the photos!