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BISHOY AND NADA | Engagement

When we first met with Nada and Bishoy and Nada mentioned that she loved dogs and wanted to be a veterinarian I knew instantly that she and I would get along. :) Fast forward to their engagement session…we got to know the two of them much better and can honestly say that these two are not only gorgeous but are smart, funny and have huge hearts. They truly are the complete package and they are perfect for one another.

Nada & Bishoy - We are looking forward to your wedding later this year! Maybe your dad will invite Arnold!!!! :) yes!!! hahaha Thanks again for the delicious dinner! Hope to see you guys soon!

CARRIE & GREG | Engagement

Here’s the quick version of Carrie and Greg’s love story!

Girl meets boy in high school.
Boy asks “How are you?”
Girl thinks he said “What do you think of me?” and says “I think you are tall”…she was very embrassed!
Girl and boy date in high school
They go their own way during college
Meet again after college and the rest is history!

Greg and Carrie, we hope we told the story right! =) Greg is currently in the middle east protecting our country and we hope the photos bring you a smile! Jeannette and I had a great time shooting and hanging out after the session! Thank you again for being so easy going and for “La Puerta”. See you soon!

MARK & BERNADETTE | Engagement

One of the many perks of our job is we are able to go behind the scenes in some pretty cool places.  With Mark & Bernadette that cool place was Petco Park.  Mark works for the Padres so we not only got to take photos out on the field but inside the building as well.  It was a blast!  It doesn’t hurt that we were in the company of 2 of the sweetest people on earth with the most infectious smiles! 


RICH & GRACE | Engagement

Rich and Grace will forever go down in Trailbrook History as the first couple to get soaking wet during an engagement session. :)  It’s a testament to how fun & carefree these two are.  It didn’t matter that a storm was brewing or that the water temp was probably 50 degrees Rich and Grace were down for anything.  Oh!  And did we mention that they can cook? :)  ahhhhhh…we’re in love!  Thanks guys for an amazing time!! :)  See you soon!