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ROBIN & TRI | Calamigos Ranch Wedding, Malibu, CA

This was our first time shooting at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu and let me tell you…it’s a photographer’s dream! Then again we also had a dream couple who throughout the day continued to amaze us by their endless patience, kindness and downright coolness!

I mean how many brides would just laugh off a sudden “mysterious illness” by a fellow groomsman? wink wink And how many grooms can actually build a card house AND make their own wedding band? None that we know of so far. :)

We had the best time at their wedding and were super thrilled to see Jennifer, one of our past brides, again!

Robin & Tri — We would not be surprised if you guys rented a Maserati and sped down the Amalfi Coast on your honeymoon after seeing Tri’s toys in the garage. Hope you had the best time! See you guys soon!

All the gorgeous ladies!

See…I told you Tri’s cool! Who can say that they have a fridge full of beer with a calendar of fuzzy little sea lions?!?

Pretty nice looking card house and ring, right?!?!