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About a month ago, we commissioned NR3 Video productions to create a promo video of our company. After a lot of planning, we decided to film it at the Salton Sea.  It was a long day of shooting but as you can see above…they did a fantastic job! We were so thrilled with their hard work on this and we can not thank them enough!

John and Norma- We love you guys and keep up the awesome work!

DQ QUIKEYS | Resources

So this is long overdue but we’ve been asked many a times what we use for our album design as well as for our workflow.  The secret (well, not much longer! :) ) is DQ Quikeys.  With this valuable tool we are able to process our files in an efficient manner with just a keystroke or two.  I’m especially in love with the album design capabilities.  Since we love to design all our albums free hand (no templates), I can not express enough how amazingly easy, intuitive and FAST it is to design a page spread using DQ Quikeys.  Be sure to check out all the details at!

A before and after of one of the actions using DQ Quikeys:

before OOC (out of camera)

after using DQ Hard Edge with opacity taken down a bit

Before (OOC) and After using a combination of Soft Color, DQ Cream and DQ Overlay. Finished off with Auto Vignette and some dodging and burning

Here are some sample album pages with some details from 2 weddings. With Quikeys, image placement, resizing and alignment is simple pimple! seriously….if you don’t have DQ Quikeyes already, you need to get it!!!

Welcome to our NEW and IMPROVED blog!

Jeannette and I have been working on getting our new blog up and running and we are super excited to launch it! As we get more and more up to speed on our new blog you will notice some subtle changes that we hope will increase your viewing pleasure!! =)